Founded in 2021, LifeWaves limited specializes in the medical health-care instruments like Orthopedic Joint Replacement, Surgical Instruments, Bipolar Forceps, Hospital Furniture, Sterilizing Container, Cranial Flap System, Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments and Surgical Gown & Drapes markets of Bangladesh.


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JUMP System Accepts all types of inserts

JUMP® System Press-Fit Acetable Cup

Hemispherical geometry with polar deflection. ULTRAFIT® finishing along the equatorial rim to maximize press-fit insertion. Surface coated with bio-active materials as pure Titanium and Hydroxyapatite to enhance primary stability and promote biological integration. BIOLOX® ceramic inserts locks into the cup thanks to the taper connection. UHMWPE and VITAL-XE® inserts, more than the taper connection, locks into the cup thanks to a patented locking system which ensures retention and rotational stability. Screw holes are sealed by apposite plugs that can be removed in case additional screw fixation is required.

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